Wearing all white is not for the faint of heart…. and not without a mild, but constant, anxiety of spillages and stains… But also, it’s such an effortless combination to elevate your style game.

Not to mention the perfect summer ensemble as we have all been told. But even when the weather here is Australia was still being temperamental and not-so summery, and thus wardrobe choices were restricted to less summery than one would hope, I decided an all-white ensemble was just the thing to try and conjure some sunnier days.

As with any ‘trend’ if you would even categorise this as such, it’s important to keep true to yourself. All white everything is not synonymous with any one style. If you’re not so bohemian inclined… then don’t do it.


Variety in fit and textures
Even in a somewhat minimalist way, wearing all white can be quite a statement. And you want to make sure its the right kind. To avoid looking like an all-white-everything blob of fabric, think about mixing fit (i.e. a combination of fitted and oversize styles) and textures to create variety in your look and also flatter your body.

Accessories are key
All in essence, the idea of an all white outfit, is to keep things simple, accessories are a low-key way to add interest to your look and also that personal stylistic touch. I always love adding a pop of one colour, or a pair of statement shoes (like these Stella McCartney shoes) to elevate your overall look

Timing is everything

Regarding aforementioned anxieties. Pick your time to go all out on white. As amazing as the look is, there are some places/occasions that are less than ideal for such an outfit. Say to a tie-dying workshop? Or to an all you can eat pasta buffet…. You get the idea anyways.


Rika Studios ‘May’ Tee | Vintage jeans from Mr Vintage (similar here) | Stella McCartney ‘Binx’ Platform |  Matt & Nat ‘Triplet’ handbag

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